Radiation Nuclear

Instruments for detection of radiological threats, such as dirty bombs, and nuclear threats related to the usage of nuclear weapons.


Part number: NOM005183, NOM005184

Part number: NOM005183, NOM005184 The SPIR-Explorer Sensor allows detection, measurement and identification of radiological sources over a very large range. It is intended to be mounted on demanding carrier, such as UAVs or robots. It may also be used within fixed or deployable systems.

MBD-2 dosimeter

MBD-2 (Military Battlefield Dosimeter) dosimeter is a real-time, self-indicating device. It measures and records dose for gamma and neutron. It's based upon the patented Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology. The design makes best use of the benefits of passive radiation detection with active, self-reading and recording functionality.


Part number: AN/UDR14, RGU-100-GO

Part number: AN/UDR14, RGU-100-GO The RGU-100-GO Military Pocket Radiac detects and quantifies prompt gamma and neutron dose as well as residual gamma dose and dose rate in support of both tactical and non-tactical use.

Identifinder R400

Part number: R400-NG, R400-NGH

Part number: R400-NG, R400-NGH Identifinder R400 has a big color display with 320 by 240 pixel, readable in all light conditions. The spectrum is stabilized with a LED or an internal source.  Wired communication uses a micro USB connector. It contains Bluetooth, Web-server and GPS to achieve full reach-back capability.

Identifinder R425

Part number: R425-G, R425-GN

Part number: R425-G, R425-GN The identiFINDER R425 is the next generation of radionuclide identification device, offering 360-degree coverage so you can locate the source. It builds on FLIR’s trusted algorithms with advanced heuristics and hybrid identification techniques.


Part number: NOM002653, NOM004238, NOM004267, NOM004268

Part number: NOM002653, NOM004238, NOM004267, NOM004268 SPIR-Ace is a Radionuclide Identification Device (RID) addressing all applications requiring nuclide identification with handheld instruments.

RDS-110V - Military Radiac System

Part number: RDS-110V

Part number: RDS-110V The RDS-110V military radiac set is designed to detect and measure dose rate and accumulated dose derived from gamma-ray and beta radiation. The radiac set may be carried by an operator, or installed in a vehicular mount (optional).

RDS-100P full kit

Part number: RDS-100P

Part number: RDS-100P The RDS-100P Radiation Detection System offers comprehensive radiation portable system. This simple to operate, rugged, and lightweight equipment combines unequaled performance and reliability.


Part number: ADM300A

Part number: ADM300A The ADM300A(V1B) Multi-Functional Survey Meter detects, measures and digitally displays levels of gamma radiation dose rate from 0. 01 μSv/h to 100 Sv/h. The analog display covers 0. 01 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h. The ADM300A(V1B) detects and displays relative level of beta particles.

GEM-5 gamma portal

Part number: 816002, GEM-5M, 7063219, GEM-5W93, GEM-5W100

Part number: 816002, GEM-5M, 7063219, GEM-5W93, GEM-5W100 The highly sensitive GEM-5 gamma exit monitor provides power plants and nuclear facilities the very latest gamma detection capability to monitor pedestrians leaving areas of potential radioactive contamination.  Operation of the monitor is straightforward and reliability is assured with both audible and visual aids to support monitoring activities.